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Offbeat Real Estate

From gypsy caravans to covered wagons, people with the urge to travel yet still enjoy home comforts have taken some interesting forms.

Here are a few modern examples:



What is going to hatch from this?

Looks like an RV from The Matrix.

Life does not get much simpler than this. (Driver extra).

This is a classic mini-house. Mobile yet anchored for as long as you want.

Like what the first mobile homes back in the 1950s were.

Can you go wrong with an old bus? This one has a pretty calm paint job.

A covered kinda wagon , kinda caravan, kinda wine barrel, complete with a porch for your ferret. I am dying to see what the owner of this looks like.

Wheels might be easier...


Double wow! Can you imagine a big screen TV in that window?

School bus optimization. Cozy Warm.

You can use any big thing on wheels. This may have started life as a horse trailer.

And if you don't like the view, make some coffee and change it. Hey, wasn't fishing better at the lake down the road?