Launching a New Real Estate Website

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The hardest thing to design, as many of you are aware, is something that looks simple yet is full of features that are both intuitive and accessible.

This challenge presented itself when we were designing this website.

We wanted visitors to be able to easily search for listings, quickly, with a minimum amount of clicks. By a few more parameters than usual. We wanted you to be able to get a hold of a savvy agent promptly without hassle. To give you a wide spectrum of real estate info (see Houselogic tips) as well as specifics about the homebuying and homeselling processes as they happen locally. All with a minimum of confusing clutter.

So please try the site out. On your desktops and tablets. On your smartphones. On whatever other devices apply.

Then, please, give us your feedback on its ease of operation, any other topics you would like to see covered, etc.  

Our best ideas have always come from our cleints as well as our agents. We hope you will share yours with us as well.